COVID-19 Update

Church COVID-19 Policy Update

 February 27, 2022

            Due to the fact that the rate of COVID infection in Lorain County is current low (50 cases or less reported per day) and falling, the following will go into effect starting Wednesday, March 2, 2022:

Wearing masks continues to be OPTIONAL during worship services, meetings, and any other activities at church.  This will be “based on personal preference, informed by their personal level of risk.  People with symptoms, a positive test, or exposure to someone with COVID should wear a mask.”

Pews will not be roped off. 

– The 4 pairs of crosses on the floor in front of the communion rails will be removed.  People will be ushered to the communion rail and can stand (or kneel) with a one-arm’s distance between households. 

– Pastor will not wear a mask or gloves during Communion.  He will sanitize his hands beforehand.

The other parts of the previous Church Covid Policy will remain in effect:

– Bulletins, announcements, children’s bulletins, etc. will all be available to be picked up on the table in the narthex – without the aid of an Usher

– Pastor will continue to distribute Holy Communion without a Communion Assistant and without the use of the Common Cup

– The offering plates will continue to be placed in the narthex, instead of passed during the worship service. 

– People who are sick should stay home.

– The Church Safety Team –